Digital Construction

Digital Construction

As a concrete industry leader, Conco always stands on the cutting edge of adopting new technologies to construct safer and more efficiently with higher quality throughout the project life cycle. Instead of just being a modern term, digital construction has been integrated into our daily operations from pre-construction planning, and construction QAQC, to project closeout.

Robotic Total Station QAQC

The modern building construction industry requires a broad range of field setting out, verification and as-built in a more accurate and rapid way as projects get more complex and are with tighter schedules.

Robotic Total Station with model
As a round trip workflow, as-built data are collected from RTS and as-built drawings are generated in a timely manner for QAQC purposes. This includes pre-pour formwork as-built, post-pour concrete element as-built, embed as-built, and post post-tensioning slab as-built, etc.
Adobe North Tower Laser Scan

Reality Capture

Conco uses 3D laser scanning technology as a supplementary instrument for RTS in terms of QAQC but takes it further to the next step. It allows as-built data to be collected in a much faster way without sacrificing quality. A laser scan dataset is called point clouds and it allows us to verify the location and geometry of any elements in the scene once it has been registered with survey controls and incorporated with the 3D model.

Conco utilizes laser scan to check subbase grading and sloping, verify shoring wall location, perform concrete as-built, and generate slab elevation and wall verticality “heat maps”. In addition, Conco uses this reality capture technology to create site logistic plans in 3D with real-world scenes which can help our clients get stakeholder buy-in more easily. With the ability to see the current site with the building model being in the same place, we can detect potential issues even before the construction starts.

Conco also uses 360 camera for photo documentation as another reality capture method. With about a 10-minute walk from our field crew, we can see the job site from anywhere which allows us to communicate more transparently.

  • 4D Planning
  • Drone Service
  • Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) Scan
4D Planning

As a leading provider of concrete services, we know that the foundation for any project starts with careful planning. We add a 4D planning service by combining schedule and 3D model to provide stakeholders a better visualization of the schedule and have clear discussions about site logistics, scope, and sequencing before construction starts. By choosing our professional concrete services, we will help you to prevent delays or problems by using our extensive background on successfully confronting many tough challenges.

Drone Service

A picture is worth a thousand words, but how about a 360-degree aerial photo. Conco implements drone flights into daily field engineering operations by field engineers who are FAA Part107 certified when overall site aerial photos are needed. Then a shareable link can be generated and shared with our clients for project progress updates. On top of that, we can map out a construction site in minutes with advanced photogrammetry software to create a measurable 3D site model, which can be used along with our 3D laser scanner to provide a more comprehensive site logistic plan.


Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) Scan

Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) is a non-destructive survey method to detect concrete thickness, reinforcing steel and PT Cable locations and depths when people need to see through concrete. Conco uses a top-notch GPR scanner to detect rebar and cable locations prior to drilling to ensure a safe drilling operation when extra bolts or embeds are required to be added. The application of the GPR scan also provides clients and structural engineers with an overall picture of the elements to be remedied.

GPR Scanner


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