February 26, 2024by The Conco Companies

On October 26, 2023, the ACI So Cal Chapter hosted its prestigious Concrete Awards in Downtown LA, recognizing outstanding achievements in the field. Conco proudly received honors for two remarkable projects: the Mt. SAC Student Center and The Grand.

The Mt. SAC Student Center was specifically acknowledged for its excellence in the Low-Rise Building category. Notably, this project boasts a sophisticated foundation system strategically distributed across various elevations on two different levels. The cantilevered nonisometric roof slab required thousands of Square Feet of shoring to be installed, maintained, and removed.  However, once complete, the red roof capping the 18,000 Cubic Yards of concrete was quite iconic for this community college.  Designed to provide an inclusive and inviting atmosphere fostering student engagement, the first floor will feature a convenience store and additional study spaces for both individual and group use. Kudos to the entire team, including Tilden Coil, MHP Structural Engineers, CEMEX, and HPI Architects.

The Mt. SAC Student Center  The Mt. SAC Student Center

Meanwhile, The Grand-LA received accolades for its excellence in the High-Rise category. This ambitious project involved three substantial mat pours, totaling an impressive 25,500 cubic yards of concrete. The cumulative concrete poured thus far stands at a remarkable 83,201 cubic yards, covering foundations, structural slabs, columns, walls, and shotcrete. The mixed-use development includes a 39-story residential tower, a 20-story Equinox Hotel connected by a courtyard, and 176,000 square feet of retail space featuring shops, restaurants, and a movie theater complex. Developed through a public-private partnership and spearheaded by Related Companies, with design by renowned architect Frank Gehry (also responsible for the adjacent Disney Music Hall), The Grand project stands as a testament to collaborative excellence.

The Grand - LA  The Grand - LA

Congratulations to the entire team, which includes AECOM, DCI Engineers, Catalina Pacific, and Gehry Partners, LLP.

February 21, 2024by The Conco Companies

This 2023 holiday season the Southern California team once again collected toys for the children of Pacoima Charter School.  The social work team at Pacoima Charter works to create an environment that helps assist and improve the students and parents lives by:

  • Providing therapy to over 300 students either individually or in a group setting.
  • Extending support to our homeless and foster care families.
  • Offering enrichment programs for academic and growth of their students.
    • Art Club
    • Engineering
    • Cooking Classes
    • Glee Club and music programs

We are blessed to have collected over 200 toys!  All toys were delivered on Tuesday, December 5th, and were distributed at their Holiday event on Friday, December 9th. A sincere thank you to all Conco Employees for the generosity shown to the children of Pacoima Charter. It truly feels great to have an amazing and generous team!

 2023 Conco-Southern California Toy Drive  2023 Conco-Southern California Toy Drive

Left to right: 
Charter Assistant Mayra Velarde
Conco Team: Dora Veronica, Sylvia Aguirre and Branden Holland


November 30, 2023by The Conco Companies

SACRAMENTO, CALIFORNIA – The American River Bridge on the Capital City Freeway connects commuters to medical centers, employment opportunities, and activity hubs in downtown and eastern Sacramento. This multi-span, 1.5-mile bridge was constructed in 1954 and widened in 1965 to six 12-foot northbound and southbound lanes, with minimal inside and outside shoulders.


Today, the bridge has a deteriorated concrete deck that is in need of repair and in need of additional lanes to allow pedestrians to cross the American River. Because of this, the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) spearheaded a $200 million bridge rehabilitation project that includes removing and replacing the existing concrete deck, widening the bridge, and adding a bike and pedestrian path.

Construction began in 2022 and is expected to be completed in 2026. Conco Pumping began working with American River Construction (ARC) to pour the four piers for the bridge that are located in the American River in late 2022 and expects to begin pouring the new deck in late 2023 or early 2024.

 A difficult setup

Due to financial considerations, the project required ARC to install floating work platforms, or barges, to facilitate construction activities within the river. To accommodate this unusual setup, ARC selected Conco Pumping as their concrete pumping contractor. Conco chose two Putzmeister boom pumps for this complicated project: the 39Z-Meter truck-mounted concrete boom pump and 38Z and 36M placing booms that were used in different phases of the job.

ARC and Conco set up the Putzmeister placing boom equipment on a barge and pumped across a 700-foot gangway built between coffer dams from a trussell with a 39Z boom truck equipped with Putzmeister’s high performance pump kit. The 39Z is equipped with the 13 HPD pump kit and was chosen due to its robust design to withstand high-pressure high-rise job site conditions, as well as long-distance pumping that was required for this project.

A close partnership

ARC engineers collaborated with Putzmeister’s engineering department to design and implement a specialized setup, attaching the placing boom to the barge. Once Conco and ARC received confirmation that the plan was viable, it took approximately six days to construct and set up the equipment on the custom-made framework on the barge.

Another challenge faced by Conco and ARC involved building around 700 feet of pipeline to facilitate the concrete pumping from the trussell to four different pier locations. Con Forms provided a delivery line comprising a robust 5-inch, 0.25-inch thick pipe, heat-treated for a high-pressure rating and low wear resistance. Con Forms also supplied all the necessary clamps, hold-down brackets, and diverter valves required to couple and anchor the delivery line to the trussell and gangway, connecting the concrete pump to the placing boom.

Concrete Pours

The Conco ARC team successfully executed three pours for each of the four piers. The initial pour involved a 150-yard slurry seal at the base of the coffer dam, facilitating dewatering and creating a dry area for footing construction. The second pour comprised an 180-yard footing application. The third and final pour necessitated approximately 350 yards of concrete for the pier wall, executed at a continuous rate of around 30 yards per hour over 12 hours starting at 1 am to achieve a consistent flow of ready mix. Undertaking the work during the nocturnal hours capitalized on lower temperatures, thereby reducing the concrete’s set time within the pipeline.

October 30, 2023by The Conco Companies

We are thrilled to announce that Conco, has been honored with the UCON Safety REAL Award in the 1,000,000+ man hours category. This recognition highlights our unwavering dedication to promoting a culture of safety, awareness, and leadership within our organization. We are incredibly proud to receive this esteemed award and would like to express our sincere gratitude to the UCON Safety Committee for this recognition.

Safety First Safety Always: At Conco, safety is at the core of everything we do. We firmly believe that every employee deserves to work in a safe and secure environment. This belief has driven us to implement comprehensive safety measures, ensuring that the well-being of our employees remains our top priority.

Looking Towards the Future: As we celebrate the UCON Safety REAL Award, we are reminded that our journey towards safety excellence is an ongoing process. We remain steadfast in our commitment to continually improve our safety practices and raise awareness within our organization. By doing so, we aim to set new benchmarks and drive a positive safety culture not just within Conco, but also as an example for the industry as a whole.

UCON Safety Award 2023 

UCON Safety Award 2023

September 19, 2023by The Conco Companies

Conco is Pre-Qualified with Hoop Welding for Caltrans, a process which can take up to a year to achieve through many stringent testing criteria.  Conco has invested in the time, people, and the proper equipment to meet this qualification process for Caltrans and a lot more.

With Conco Reinforcing at our Benicia Rebar fabrication shop and Rail yard facility now being able to meet the Caltrans criteria, we are fabricating welded hoops. 

  An Example of this is the current Caltrans Project 01 – 366004 Eureka Slough.  This Project consists of 120 caissons (Piers drilled into the ground, filled with welded rebar hoops, vertical rebar, and concrete).  Depending on varying depths and widths each caisson can contain 300 or more certified welded Rebar hoops.  There are around 18,000 Certified welded rebar hoops on this job alone.

This added Caltrans welding certification along with the newly renovated Benicia Reinforcing facility has increased the capability to diversify what Conco is now able to do in its Pre-fabrication yard with its outdoor overhead cranes.  With Conco’s Hoop welding equipment 1 operator can weld up to 250 Certified hoops in one shift.  Conco currently has over 34,000 hoop welds on the books. 

We are thankful for the investment from Conco’s management and the hard work of the employees at our Benicia Facility that made this possible to be a pre-qualified hoop welding facility. We look forward to continuing to meet the industry demands along with a high quality of service. (YouTube VIDEO)

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