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Design/Build is a unique offering of The Conco Companies.

Our design/build service is able to use the information from your proposed project to engage the best structural engineer for your project. We then collaborate to create an efficient, cost-effective design paired with a 3-d model that helps anticipate issues and resolve them before construction begins. Investing in this process from the start helps to save material, money and time for your project.

The Conco Companies have been providing high-quality concrete services to the Western United States for almost 60 years. Our extensive background has allowed us to evolve into a full service provider to the construction industry. We now have the capabilities and resources to offer our clients a broad range of concrete solutions. One example is our professional Concrete Design/Build services in which we bring on a structural engineer and collaborate during the design phase so that our client receives a cost efficient concrete system with their first set of structural drawings.

Builders save time because the value engineering is already done and they save money by avoiding change orders. Our Conco design-build team also works with the other design professionals (architect, wood structural engineer, civil engineer, etc.) early on in the process for which can be highly beneficial with today’s complex building designs.

  • Reinforced Concrete Design: Quality Pre-Construction Services
  • Concrete Building Design to Create a Solid Foundation
  • Building Information Modeling (BIM): Give Your Project the Best Start
Reinforced Concrete Design: Quality Pre-Construction Services

For over 50 years, The Conco Companies have been focused on delivering the highest quality products while continuing to meet or exceed goals and stay on budget. Our team of professional engineers and estimators works meticulously on offering reinforced concrete design solutions that help to alleviate or prevent problems and delays. At Conco we collaborate with clients every step of the way from concept right through to a completed project.

Our Concrete Design Services Offer Unsurpassed Results

Conco’s concrete designers bring to your project a vast amount of experience and expertise as well as state-of-the-art technology and tools used to design and execute the most efficient product. By offering a diverse range of concrete services, we are able to give our clients a single source for all their needs and help to ensure quality control.

How our reinforced concrete design services can support your next project:

  • As a trusted partner, we work to create realistic, reliable budgets that meet goals.
    Offer cost-effective, quality designs with recommendations for the best forming structural systems to be used.
  • When appropriate, propose alternative solutions based on our extensive experience.
    Recommend materials and processes to ensure a concrete structure meets all sustainability and LEED goals.
  • Utilize technologically advanced tools such as BIM, on-screen take-off, and construction management software.
Concrete Building Design to Create a Solid Foundation

The Conco Companies have decades of experience in the commercial concrete industry. We bring that expertise and talent to our concrete building design services. We understand that the proper start to a project can determine its success. In order to eliminate or reduce technical difficulties and costly delays, we encourage you to create a solid foundation with professional design work. For your convenience, we have offices located in Northern California, Southern California, and Washington.

Our Concrete Building Designers Help to Ensure a Successful Finish

Our concrete building designers are highly-trained specialists who will advise you on the materials and processes to use that ensure your project meets sustainability and LEED goals. At Conco we offer our extensive background and the very latest industry technologies, including the use of Building Informational Modeling (BIM), to customers.

Our concrete building design team brings to each project:

  • An established record of finding creative ways to solve problems where there may be limited access to the jobsite and/or time constraints.
  • A promise to work diligently to meet or exceed goals and stay within budget.
  • Recommendations for the most appropriate forming structural systems to use (we offer a full range of forms from plywood and steel to custom made plastic).
Building Information Modeling (BIM): Give Your Project the Best Start

As a leading provider of concrete services, we know that the foundation for any project starts with careful planning. We provide full services for all pre-construction design work including building information modeling (BIM). Adding 4D tools like the video below that shows construction over time, allows our construction team, GCs, owners, and other subs to have clear discussions about scope and sequencing before construction starts. By choosing our professional concrete services, we will help to you to prevent delays or problems by using our extensive background on successfully confronting many tough challenges.

Building Information Modeling is a Powerful Tool for Your Structure

Conco works very hard to provide customers all the necessary information they need to move forward with a project. Our professional design teams utilize the most up-to-date technologies such as Revit, Synchro, Assemble, V-ray, on-screen take-off, Sage and construction management software. Our BIM services facilitate decisions about your structure from the very earliest stages, during the design process, and right through the construction phase. Our team virtually builds your project in Revit to create accurate and detailed category quantities which our estimators then use to create a detailed estimate. In addition to the text of a standard proposal, Conco also includes a site logistic graphic suggesting possible pump locations, an exploded axonometric graphic color coded by component type to define scope, a Gantt chart schedule, and a Synchro video as shown below. By doing all this work before we even win the project, we’re able to notify the owner of conflicts in the drawings we noticed, identify possible value engineering options, and start coordination discussions about cranes, lane closures, power lines, etc. We take pride in going above and beyond for our clients.

Conco’s team of estimators and engineers can assist your project by:

  • Creating cost-effective solutions to help ensure budgets and timelines are met.
  • Providing a diverse range of in-house resources to guarantee quality-control and ensure customer satisfaction.
  • Collaborating with clients from pre-construction right through to a successful finish.
  • Making appropriate decisions to ensure your structure meets sustainability and LEED goals.
Concrete Design/Build Projects


An Efficient, Economical Solution

For many projects the Design/Build model offers the best value for our clients. Our company has extensive knowledge with podiums, parking garages, commercial slab on metal deck buildings as we all high rises.

When Conco’s experienced team is involved in the design process early-on, it typically allows us to create a better finished product at a lower cost since we can anticipate issues and resolve them before they ever become a problem. Also our large portfolio has provided the opportunity to develop a local knowledge of the market, and in many cases, established relationships with area suppliers.

Conco is one of the only concrete contractors in the Western U.S. to have the resources of both Conco Reinforcement and Conco’s large Concrete Division.

With joint management of rebar and concrete, we can make decisions based on the best end result. In addition we can anticipate and quickly respond to any problems with formwork, shotcrete or rebar by shuffling crews to accommodate scheduling.

In our experience turnkey projects reduce the layers of costs and communication which results in a better product for our customers. The five-level, cast-in-place parking structure for the Brio apartment complex in Walnut Creek, CA. is one example of Conco successfully serving as General Contractor on a Design/Build project.


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