February 12, 2014by The Conco Companies

At The Conco Companies we continue to be a forerunner in the industry with the recently acquired Stud Rail Fabrication certification for our state-of-the-art rebar fabrication facility located in Benicia, CA.  We are among only a handful of manufacturers throughout the industry that have obtained this certification.   Our Rochester, WA plant is in the process of pursuing the same approval and hopes to have certification by June 2014.

The Stud Rail certification provides a cost-effective solution that simplifies the method of reinforcement for flat concrete slabs against punching shear at the column connection.  The prefabricated stud rail assemblies provide the potential for less congestion and increased design flexibility.

Stud Rails Assemblies are an effective way of reinforcing flat concrete slabs against punching shear at column locations.  The loads on a concrete slab supported by concrete columns generate shear stresses in the slab.  The Punching Shear Studs are a predetermined length and diameter according to design specifications and are in compliance with IBC and UBC Structural Steel Welding Standards.  They are used to extend the column perimeter into the floor or foundation slab and have low requirements in terms of formwork and reinforcement.  To simplify system design, manufacturers provide free calculation software and other technical support to generate design placing sheets.

With the recent uptake in construction projects getting off the ground, Conco is pleased to acquire another innovative technique to aid in delivering efficiency and cost savings to our clients.   We are an approved equal for any project not referencing our ESR-3317 report.  A simple substitution request and a copy of the ESR-3317 is all that is required for us to get formal approval to provide those services.

Conco is one of the leading concrete contractors in the Bay Area offering a range of innovative, quality servicesWe have been honored to work on many high-profile projects and were recently awarded the concrete package for the San Francisco 49ers Stadium.  Our concrete services include commercial, educational, parking and other construction development as well as public works projects.

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