November 23, 2021by The Conco Companies

Like any company you’d find in a community, the Conco Companies provide essential products and services to keep the city running smoothly. At the same time, the nature of Conco’s concrete services pushes us to parts of the city that aren't typically seen by the general public. Our corporate yard is one such “hidden” area, located in an unincorporated part of Contra Costa County near Martinez, CA. It is zoned as an industrial property and thus is surrounded by similar businesses, including a refinery, sewage treatment plant, and a dump site.


November 16, 2021by The Conco Companies

The Conco Companies began construction on the Mt. San Antonio College (SAC) Student Center on December 10, 2020. The original center opened in 1953 on a much smaller campus and needs to be expanded and updated for Mt. SAC’s current needs. Conco is providing a multitude of concrete services including but not limited to formwork, shoring, pumping, and rebar fabrication. Working alongside Conco are the general contractor Tilden-Coil (CM), HPI Architecture, and MHP Structural Engineers.


September 23, 2021by The Conco Companies

Most high-rise towers follow a similar design pattern. The most common design is for the structure to have floors that stack over one another with virtually little deviation from one floor to the next. Look at any city skyline and you will see an abundance of buildings that fit this mold. The consistency of the floorplan allows for easier and less expensive engineering and construction due to the design pattern’s repetitive nature.


September 16, 2021by The Conco Companies

Only 25 years ago, the raw materials necessary to produce ready-mix concrete -- namely, cement, fly ash, and aggregates -- were far more available than they are now.  These materials were not only plentiful, but they were produced near the markets they serviced. The cement and aggregates industry employed many individuals with local, well-paying union jobs; in turn, local businesses benefited from the commerce these companies generated.  As an industry, we used these resources as if there were an infinite supply.  Need to strengthen your concrete?  Just add another sack of cement.  Need the concrete to set a little faster?  Just add more cement to the mix.

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