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SACRAMENTO, CALIFORNIA – The American River Bridge on the Capital City Freeway connects commuters to medical centers, employment opportunities, and activity hubs in downtown and eastern Sacramento. This multi-span, 1.5-mile bridge was constructed in 1954 and widened in 1965 to six 12-foot northbound and southbound lanes, with minimal inside and outside shoulders.


Today, the bridge has a deteriorated concrete deck that is in need of repair and in need of additional lanes to allow pedestrians to cross the American River. Because of this, the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) spearheaded a $200 million bridge rehabilitation project that includes removing and replacing the existing concrete deck, widening the bridge, and adding a bike and pedestrian path.

Construction began in 2022 and is expected to be completed in 2026. Conco Pumping began working with American River Construction (ARC) to pour the four piers for the bridge that are located in the American River in late 2022 and expects to begin pouring the new deck in late 2023 or early 2024.

 A difficult setup

Due to financial considerations, the project required ARC to install floating work platforms, or barges, to facilitate construction activities within the river. To accommodate this unusual setup, ARC selected Conco Pumping as their concrete pumping contractor. Conco chose two Putzmeister boom pumps for this complicated project: the 39Z-Meter truck-mounted concrete boom pump and 38Z and 36M placing booms that were used in different phases of the job.

ARC and Conco set up the Putzmeister placing boom equipment on a barge and pumped across a 700-foot gangway built between coffer dams from a trussell with a 39Z boom truck equipped with Putzmeister’s high performance pump kit. The 39Z is equipped with the 13 HPD pump kit and was chosen due to its robust design to withstand high-pressure high-rise job site conditions, as well as long-distance pumping that was required for this project.

A close partnership

ARC engineers collaborated with Putzmeister’s engineering department to design and implement a specialized setup, attaching the placing boom to the barge. Once Conco and ARC received confirmation that the plan was viable, it took approximately six days to construct and set up the equipment on the custom-made framework on the barge.

Another challenge faced by Conco and ARC involved building around 700 feet of pipeline to facilitate the concrete pumping from the trussell to four different pier locations. Con Forms provided a delivery line comprising a robust 5-inch, 0.25-inch thick pipe, heat-treated for a high-pressure rating and low wear resistance. Con Forms also supplied all the necessary clamps, hold-down brackets, and diverter valves required to couple and anchor the delivery line to the trussell and gangway, connecting the concrete pump to the placing boom.

Concrete Pours

The Conco ARC team successfully executed three pours for each of the four piers. The initial pour involved a 150-yard slurry seal at the base of the coffer dam, facilitating dewatering and creating a dry area for footing construction. The second pour comprised an 180-yard footing application. The third and final pour necessitated approximately 350 yards of concrete for the pier wall, executed at a continuous rate of around 30 yards per hour over 12 hours starting at 1 am to achieve a consistent flow of ready mix. Undertaking the work during the nocturnal hours capitalized on lower temperatures, thereby reducing the concrete’s set time within the pipeline.


Heat Illness Prevention

Every summer we encounter heat exhaustion that can sometimes keep our workers out of commission for hours or even days.  In preparation for the coming summer heat, two portable cooling stations have been procured in our Southern CA region.  These cooling stations have an oscillating mist blown that, according to our field crew, “helps recharge your energy with only a few minutes [of exposure]”.  We are hopeful this, in addition to shade and water, will aid in avoiding such negative heat-related experiences, thereby providing an overall better experience for our workforce!












Daniel Varelas seen in the picture above, receiving a brief cooldown before continuing his work on

the structure foundations at the USC Pasadena Medical Office Building.


Ramona Metro Point – A Transit Oriented Development



The Conco Companies has been working on Ramona Metro Point since November 2022. This project, developed by Community Development Partners, is another affordable housing project that Conco is proud to be a part of.  Working with Walton Construction, Conco is providing reinforcing, concrete pumping, place and finish, as well as shotcrete services. This project is anticipated to finish on April 2, 2023 and will bring 50 affordable housing units to the area.

Ramona Metro Point is a 4 story, wood-framed, transit-oriented development in El Monte, CA.  Its unique horse-shoe design optimizes both style and function for the much-needed low-income housing in the area.  The development, along with many others for which Conco assists, are part of the massive strive to accommodate and combat the housing crisis which exists within the general Los Angeles Area.  Conco has taken every opportunity to expedite the construction schedule, doing our part in this life-improving effort.

Nearly half of the units at Ramona Metro Point will be specifically designated to house families of El Monte Unified School District that identify as homeless.  Coupled with social services and educational classes it will provide, Ramona Metro Point is designed to make a positive impact on the community.



COSM Hollywood Park Boasts 26.6-meter Diameter LED Dome


The Conco Companies is currently working on COSM Hollywood Park with Webcor. Built in the shadows of the new So-Fi Stadium, and designed by HKS, this 3 story Entertainment Venue will be the first of its kind in the Los Angeles Area. As part of Hollywood Park’s retail district, the venue will showcase a gigantic LED dome to display live sports and entertainment, experiential events and content, immersive art, music, and more, all in much higher definition than has been brought to similar venues in other parts of the world. This will be a great addition to the expanding Inglewood community, rapidly becoming iconic for its entertainment experiences!

Conco began work on COSM Hollywood Park in November 2022. Providing rebar, concrete pumping and place and finish services throughout the project, we look forward to seeing a finished product in July 2023. When finished, The Conco Companies will have poured a total of 3,100 cubic yards of concrete on top of 360,000 pounds of rebar. The total square footage of deck will total 80,000 square feet!



November 29, 2022by The Conco Companies

The Conco Companies Completes Mat Pour Season

Conco just finished an unbelievably impressive Mat Pour Season, completing 14 mat pours in just 9 weeks. In full partnership with the General Contractors on each job, our teams went to work to successfully manage this aggressive schedule.  These mat pours took place across the Bay Area, and are another example of the full service, turn-key operation that Conco offers. Conco provided all services on these jobs: formworks, rebar, concrete pumping, place and finish, and shotcrete. We take pride in our commitment to being a one stop shop for construction services for our customers. Simply put: one call to Conco and you can have it all.


This Mat Season consisted of six jobsites, for a total of 14 mat pours in 9 weeks. In the end, Conco poured around 50,000 yards of concrete and placed over 11 million pounds of rebar. Over 5,200 truckloads of concrete were delivered to complete these mat pours. Conco’s office and field teams worked together to accomplish this schedule on time, and most importantly, safely.

Conco worked with Related California on two turnkey projects: Tasman East Apartments and Garage and Atria. Total concrete poured on the combined six mat pours was around 24,000 yards. We also fabricated, delivered, and installed over 7 million pounds of rebar.

For the Holland Partner Group’s turnkey 24th & Waverly project in Oakland we combined two mat pours into one. Our fabrication facility in Benicia turned out around 2 million pounds of rebar and we poured 5,500 yards of concrete. An amazing feat considering the congested area of the city where the pour took place.

We serviced two mat pours for Johnstone Moyer, Inc. in Santa Clara. Known as The Station, this turnkey project totaled around 6,500 yards of concrete and around 1.7 million pounds of rebar.

Another turnkey project that also included design build services, Dwight & Milvia is an assisted living development by Dettaglio Construction, Inc. (DCI). Located in Berkeley, CA, this project required 1,700 yards of concrete and 350,000 pounds of rebar. Conco’s pre-planning and project management staff worked hard to problem solve this job, which is located on a tight city corner and surrounded by obstacles.

We completed the mat pour season with SBI Builders. The Lafayette is another project in Santa Clara’s new Tasman East Neighborhood, just down the street from the Levi’s stadium. Three mats were poured for this project, which is another turnkey project for Conco! The Lafayette required over 1 million pounds of rebar and around 9,000 yards of concrete.

In closing, we are grateful to have completed this mat pour season safely, efficiently, and productively. With around 50,000 yards of concrete poured, and just over 11 million pounds of rebar placed, 5,200 truckloads of concrete delivered, and around 250 truckloads of rebar delivered, it was an impressive 9 weeks. We are grateful for the opportunity to help make our customers goals a reality.

To all Conco’s partners, who we consider family and friends, and to our dedicated employees, we say: THANK YOU!

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