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The Concrete Preservation Institute (CPI)  is a non-profit educational foundation; an official US military Career Skills Program; partner of industry companies who support CPI and hire active duty and other military personnel transitioning out of the service for civilian careers in concrete, construction, and infrastructure; and partner of the US National Park Service. CPI has two individual programs – Career Placement & Field School Programs – connected by a common thread of training and placement.

Conco recognizes the inherent value of transitioning military candidates for a variety of positions and has committed to support CPI’s effort to grow their Career Placement Program aimed at placing additional candidates in industry careers through its Workforce Development Plan Phase 1.  Conco will participate in CPI data collection surveys and employees hired through CPI will likewise participate. Conco will also encourage company executives and/or subject matter experts to participate as occasional Field School guest lecturers & field trip hosts.

For more information about CPI, please visit http://www.cpi-foundation.org/

For more information about a career with The Conco Companies, please visit https://www.conconow.com/jobs.

A job in the construction industry is a great career choice for young men and women and an ironworker is one of those highly-skilled positions.  To get started, an interested candidate should contact their local iron workers union about apprenticeship training programs available in the area.  You may not be aware that the Iron Workers Union actively seeks to encourage and recruit women into the field and report that they have almost 2,000 active members.

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An apprenticeship is done on-the-job so you have the opportunity to work alongside journeymen ironworkers.  There is also a classroom component where an apprentice must attend approximately 160 hours of classes per year over a period of four years.  During the apprenticeship period, an ironworker’s salary starts at about half of that as a journeyman’s wage and increases with experience.  Once an apprentice successfully completes the four year program, they become a journeyman ironworker and receive full pay.

Like other construction work, ironworkers must be physically able to perform all the duties of the job.  The work can be challenging and the Iron Workers Union states that applicants must be willing to work in high places, have a good sense of balance, and be alert for potential danger to themselves and others.  Comprehensive safety training is included in the classroom portion of the program.  In addition an apprentice must be able to follow directions and work well with others.

Ironworkers are involved in many aspects of a construction project.  At Conco, workers perform all reinforcing work in connection with field fabrication, including but not limited to the pre-assembly of reinforcing cages, loading and unloading, handling, racking, sorting, cutting, bending, hoisting, and the intermittent use of forklifts.

For more information on joining the Conco team take a look at our career page.

For over 50 years, Conco has been providing premium concrete services and is one of the most trusted concrete contractors in Seattle.  We partner with clients on every project from the pre-construction stage right through to final completion to maximize efficiency and ensure goals and budgets are met.  Our concrete services include commercial, educational, parking and other construction development as well as public works projects.

Cement masons and concrete finishers are the group of construction workers that place and finish the concrete.  Interested persons can enter the field through a comprehensive apprenticeship program which includes technical training as well as on-the-job experience.   Apprenticeship programs are usually sponsored by unions and contractor associations and provide participants the opportunity for advancement and higher pay.

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A typical cement mason apprenticeship is a three-year program and consists of 4,200 on-the-job hours and over 430 related classroom hours.  An applicant must be in good health and physically able to perform all phases of the work.  The technical training that an apprentice receives includes understanding the basics of concrete, concrete form work, concrete finishing as well as construction related math skills and blueprint reading.  The on-the-job training allows him/her to learn the tools of the trade with plenty of practical experience in finishing sidewalks, curb and gutter, floor slabs, and architectural concrete.

On large commercial concrete projects, cement masons and concrete finishers need to be able to follow directions from their supervisors and work well with the rest of the team on the jobsite.  Concrete finishers are often responsible for pouring the concrete into forms and constructing the foundations, slabs, sidewalks, roads, and other ground-level tasks.  The cement masons work with the finished forms and construct walls and other above-ground structures.   These jobs demand a high level of skill as well as understanding and using jobsite safety procedures.

Job opportunities for cement masons and concrete finishers increase dramatically during growth in building activity, and right now the outlook is extremely positive for steady employment.  The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts a 29% increase for cement masons and concrete finishers between the years of 2012 to 2022, which is a total of about 41,700 new jobs.

For more information on joining the Conco team take a look at our career page.

Conco is one of the leading concrete contractors in San Francisco offering a range of innovative, quality servicesWe have been honored to work on many high-profile projects and were recently awarded the concrete contract for the San Francisco 49ers Stadium.  Our concrete services include commercial, educational, parking and other construction development as well as public works projects.

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