Conco Plans Ahead to Safely Complete Projects within a Schedule

August 31, 2021by The Conco Companies

In construction, the most important thing after ensuring safety is meeting a schedule.


Ask anyone who works on major home and commercial renovation projects about the top complaints from clients, and they’ll say one is the failure to complete a project on time. Projects that take longer than expected to finish can test patience to the point where it strains relationships within a family.

The bigger the project, the larger the consequences of not meeting a schedule. 

For projects to get approval to move forward, the financing requirements often require that a structure is pre-leased or sold with tenants or potential owners. The prospective tenants and/or owners often come with a caveat: the building will be completed by a certain deadline. If you miss the deadline, you put the whole project in jeopardy and could lose the customer.

Staying on schedule is especially important for Conco’s concrete projects.

Projects can’t get off the ground without pouring concrete. Without timely concrete pours, the project will be off track from the start. That’s why Conco builds a schedule before we even submit a bid. We do this by virtually building the project with BIM (Building Information Modeling) services. This creates a virtual information model that tells our team what exactly it will take to build the job. When we go in with eyes wide open, we encounter fewer surprises that lead to delays.

Before the project starts, Conco aligns ourselves with the general contractor’s expectations. 

If the general contractor gives Conco the opportunity to review the plans and concepts early, we take an extra step by providing design-build proposals to save time and money. We make the plans as sharp and efficient as we can within the allotted time frame, because the better the plan, the bigger the success.

Conco is proud to live up to our commitment to keeping projects on schedule.

Our dedication to efficient work is why we make strategic investments in vertically integrating our concrete services. This gives Conco more control over the concrete portion of projects, allowing us to stay on top of all aspects of construction. 

For clients, this means they only have to call us for concrete services. More importantly, clients don’t need to coordinate or mediate between different companies claiming to be impacted or delayed by another company’s failure. When Conco receives a job, it’s our responsibility to complete every task and keep the project moving. 

If we hit a delay within our scope, we make up that time when performing another task assigned to us. When the issue is ours, the fix is ours. The general contractor won’t need to intervene, and the different trades won’t have to share back charges. 

Conco’s scope of concrete services includes:

Conco can help you meet or beat any schedule to get the job done safely and on budget.

Furthermore, in our 60+ years in the industry, we have worked with countless suppliers, subcontractors, professionals, and other individuals that support the construction industry. Our valued relationships have helped us identify like-minded individuals to join our team. When you work with Conco, you work with an expanding team of professionals dedicated to building projects successfully the first time.

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