November 29, 2022by The Conco Companies

The Conco Companies Completes Mat Pour Season

Conco just finished an unbelievably impressive Mat Pour Season, completing 14 mat pours in just 9 weeks. In full partnership with the General Contractors on each job, our teams went to work to successfully manage this aggressive schedule.  These mat pours took place across the Bay Area, and are another example of the full service, turn-key operation that Conco offers. Conco provided all services on these jobs: formworks, rebar, concrete pumping, place and finish, and shotcrete. We take pride in our commitment to being a one stop shop for construction services for our customers. Simply put: one call to Conco and you can have it all.


This Mat Season consisted of six jobsites, for a total of 14 mat pours in 9 weeks. In the end, Conco poured around 50,000 yards of concrete and placed over 11 million pounds of rebar. Over 5,200 truckloads of concrete were delivered to complete these mat pours. Conco’s office and field teams worked together to accomplish this schedule on time, and most importantly, safely.

Conco worked with Related California on two turnkey projects: Tasman East Apartments and Garage and Atria. Total concrete poured on the combined six mat pours was around 24,000 yards. We also fabricated, delivered, and installed over 7 million pounds of rebar.

For the Holland Partner Group’s turnkey 24th & Waverly project in Oakland we combined two mat pours into one. Our fabrication facility in Benicia turned out around 2 million pounds of rebar and we poured 5,500 yards of concrete. An amazing feat considering the congested area of the city where the pour took place.

We serviced two mat pours for Johnstone Moyer, Inc. in Santa Clara. Known as The Station, this turnkey project totaled around 6,500 yards of concrete and around 1.7 million pounds of rebar.

Another turnkey project that also included design build services, Dwight & Milvia is an assisted living development by Dettaglio Construction, Inc. (DCI). Located in Berkeley, CA, this project required 1,700 yards of concrete and 350,000 pounds of rebar. Conco’s pre-planning and project management staff worked hard to problem solve this job, which is located on a tight city corner and surrounded by obstacles.

We completed the mat pour season with SBI Builders. The Lafayette is another project in Santa Clara’s new Tasman East Neighborhood, just down the street from the Levi’s stadium. Three mats were poured for this project, which is another turnkey project for Conco! The Lafayette required over 1 million pounds of rebar and around 9,000 yards of concrete.

In closing, we are grateful to have completed this mat pour season safely, efficiently, and productively. With around 50,000 yards of concrete poured, and just over 11 million pounds of rebar placed, 5,200 truckloads of concrete delivered, and around 250 truckloads of rebar delivered, it was an impressive 9 weeks. We are grateful for the opportunity to help make our customers goals a reality.

To all Conco’s partners, who we consider family and friends, and to our dedicated employees, we say: THANK YOU!


November 2, 2022by The Conco Companies

In an incredible schedule of 14 mat pours in 9 weeks that were all turn key projects for Conco, one week especially stood out. September 24th through October 1, 2022, brought Conco four mat pours in one week. It started with the Tasman East Apartments, then Dwight & Milvia and The Station jobs. We finished up the week at the 24th & Waverly project. These projects are all turn-key projects for Conco. In addition to concrete pumping, we are providing the rebar, place and finish work, formworks, and shotcrete.

Conco poured 13,794 yards of concrete at these four mat pours in that week alone. We averaged 450 yards poured per hour for most of the pours.  Each jobsite is unique in its challenges and our teams impressed not only us, but the General Contractors, the City’s, and the other trades on the jobs with their diligence and advanced planning. We not only got the job done, but got it done as safely as possible.

Our Reinforcing services set the stage for each of these successful pours. Conco Reinforcing delivered 100 loads of rebar, totaling 4,000,000 pounds for the combined four pours for that week alone. This was all made possible with the contribution from Conco’s state of the art rebar fabrication facility in Benicia, CA. The detailers and project engineers at the office and the crew at our rebar facility tirelessly to get the rebar ready for each of these jobs.

It was a good week, and these pours were injury free thanks to the hard work of our Safety team and the Conco employee’s commitment to safety on the jobsite. Conco strives to provide its customers with not just the best option but the easiest one. We truly strive to be a one stop shop for our customers and passionately provide a service that has created strong relationships over our 60 years in the industry. With one phone call you can take care of it all.


November 23, 2021by The Conco Companies

Like any company you’d find in a community, the Conco Companies provide essential products and services to keep the city running smoothly. At the same time, the nature of Conco’s concrete services pushes us to parts of the city that aren't typically seen by the general public. Our corporate yard is one such “hidden” area, located in an unincorporated part of Contra Costa County near Martinez, CA. It is zoned as an industrial property and thus is surrounded by similar businesses, including a refinery, sewage treatment plant, and a dump site.


November 16, 2021by The Conco Companies

The Conco Companies began construction on the Mt. San Antonio College (SAC) Student Center on December 10, 2020. The original center opened in 1953 on a much smaller campus and needs to be expanded and updated for Mt. SAC’s current needs. Conco is providing a multitude of concrete services including but not limited to formwork, shoring, pumping, and rebar fabrication. Working alongside Conco are the general contractor Tilden-Coil (CM), HPI Architecture, and MHP Structural Engineers.

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