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Saturday, August 24th was not your typical day for Conco.  While many projects are shutdown for the weekend, this Saturday was one of the busiest Saturdays in Conco’s 60-year history.

The activity began Friday evening in Southern California.  Starting at 9:30 PM, Conco began to pump, place, and finish 10,400 cubic yards in downtown Los Angeles on a project known as The Grand.  The Grand is a mixed-use project with retail, residential and a hotel across the street from the Disney Concert Hall.  The developers for The Grand are The Related Cos. and CORE USA for this Frank Gehry designed structure.

The Grand Concrete Pour

The Grand 10,400 concrete pour was the second of three foundation pours for the structure. Eight concrete pumps were positioned around the foundation to receive concrete at the scheduled delivery rate of 750 cubic yards per hour.  In order to supply concrete at this rate, Calportland, with the assistance of Associated Concrete, utilized five batch plants and over 120 concrete mixer trucks.


In addition to the work performed on The Grand, Conco had another large concrete pour on this day in downtown Oakland, CA.  Working for the Holland Partner Group, the project located at 24th & Harrison, site of the old Acura dealership, will comprise of luxury apartments with retail and other amenities.

Before placing the concrete, Conco was responsible for fabricating and installing all the rebar.  Comprised of mainly #11 bar, more than 4.1 million pounds were needed for the entire mat foundation.

24th & Harrison Concrete Pour

The 24th & Harrison project by the Holland Group was the second of two foundation pours at the site, requiring 7,300 cubic yards of concrete supplied by Central Concrete out of five concrete batch plants. Prior to pouring the concrete, Conco provided the fabricated rebar and installation. The challenging site necessitated that six concrete pumps (five were active at any given time) be used with a scheduled delivery rate of 600 cubic yards per hour being delivered by 120 concrete mixer trucks.  The concrete pour began at 1:00 AM.

950 Market Street Concrete Pour

Furthermore, in addition to the Los Angeles and Oakland pours, a mat foundation pour also took place simultaneously in San Francisco, CA.  The project at 950 Market Street will be a mixed-use development consisting of housing, a hotel, retail, and a dedicated non-profit space.  This project is being developed by Group i, a San Francisco-based real estate development company.  Working for the general contractor, Pankow Builders, Conco also fabricated and installed the rebar for the foundation.  More than 1.7 million pounds were needed to be put in place prior to concrete placement for the entire foundation.

The mat pour for the 950 Market Street project was the first of two for the site and was supplied by CEMEX out of three concrete plants. A total of 3,195 yards of concrete was pumped, placed and finished by Conco through three concrete pumps that were supplied at a scheduled rate of 300 cubic yards per hour.

For the activity in three separate markets to transpire, multiple internal and external meetings were held to discuss every facet of activity associated with making each concrete pour a success.  For Conco, success comes from developing the proper plan and executing that plan.  Items such as safety, concrete mix designs, pump placement, street closures, individual company responsibilities, and contingencies are just a few of the details that must seamlessly be ironed out.

The resources that were used and vital statistics for Saturday, August 24, 2019 were:

The Grand
Los Angeles
24 & Harrison
950 Market
San Francisco
Concrete Placed 10,400 7,300 3,195 20,895
Concrete YPH Placed 750 600 300 1,650
Square Feet Finished 41,000 44,800 18,000 103,800
Mixer Trucks Used 120 140 60 220

With the combined effort of Conco, our customers and suppliers, all three projects finished on time with only 5 extra yards of concrete for all three projects combined.   More importantly, all were completed without so much as a first aid claim.

Large mat foundation pours require extensive planning and collaboration with customers, suppliers, public agencies and various other third parties.  Conco’s success is dependent on everyone doing their part and we at Conco are thankful to work with great customers and suppliers day in and day out, who give us the opportunity to succeed.



The Conco Companies’ proprietary foam concrete ConfoamTM is a lightweight and versatile fill material that can be used in a multitude of applications. ConfoamTM is a cement-based slurry with a high percentage of foam entrained in plastic mortar which can be customized to meet the needs of each application. This low-density, highly flowable material can be used for swimming pool and trench backfill, as a substitute for permeable or mud under slab, and as a substitute for some EPS foam applications. Additionally, ConfoamTM can be engineered for use as fill against existing structures or behind shotcrete walls. The ease of pumpability and flexible customization of ConfoamTM make it a cost-effective and time-saving concrete solution for a variety of projects.

ConfoamTM Applications Gallery

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When Graniterock was doing foundation work at the Norman Y. Mineta San Jose International Airport, it encountered an existing 12” storm drain that would need to be addressed. The culvert ran through the proposed site of the next phase of terminal development, and initial thoughts were to use traditional methods of excavation and demolition.

After further analysis, the Graniterock team decided to leave in place and instead fill the storm drain with Conco’s ConFoam™ product. The reason for the change was:

  1. Close proximity to an active runway. Excavation and demolition would have been disruptive to airport operations. ConFoam™ allowed for the work to be performed without the need to bring out equipment that might impact airport activity.
  2. Ease of removal of material if needed. The area of the storm drain is marked for future development and would most likely need to be dug up at a later date. ConFoam™ is easily excavatable.
  3. 100% compaction. ConFoam™ can be pumped long distances (over 2000 feet) and achieve 100% compaction, filling all voids and eliminating the potential for subgrade failure in the future.
  4. Time to complete the task. The process to complete the task took less than 4 hours from the time the equipment arrived on site until the time the clean-up was completed, which reduced any disruption and saved time on an already tight schedule.
  5. Cost to complete the task. Very little equipment or labor was required using ConFoam™, saving Graniterock money on the project.

ConFoam TM - The Conco Companies

“ConFoam™ was the perfect solution for this job. It performed as advertised and allowed us to save both time and money on our work. I would definitely use it again on future projects”; stated Jim Mitchell, Project Manager for Graniterock.

ConFoam™ has been used to fill a wide variety of abandoned pipelines including drainage pipes, sewer lines and old fuel lines. Should you have a project where filling a pipe is in the scope of work, call Wiatt Chase at (925) 348-4369 for information on using ConFoam™.


September 25, 2018by The Conco Companies

In Conco’s work on the Jewish Home of San Francisco project, they will be providing concrete pumping, reinforcement, formwork, finishing, and shotcrete services, as well as construction trucking. The new Jewish Home community broke ground in the fall of 2016 and is expected to be completed in late 2018.

With 76 memory care units and 114 assisted living residential units, the $140 million, 270,000 sq. ft. new construction will dramatically expand the Jewish Homes facilities and service reach. The Jewish Home of San Francisco first opened its doors in 1891 to a dozen residents and since then has helped many more older adults to live, grow, and flourish in their community. Now the Jewish Home will be a centerpiece in the Excelsior community. President and CEO of the Jewish Home, Daniel Ruth, remarked on the exciting new project, saying, “With our location at the corner of Silver Avenue and Mission Street, we’re extremely proud to be the front door to Excelsior, and we’re proud of our history.”

The nine-acre campus was reimagined by Ankrom Moisan, the architecture firm recently honored by the Seattle Business magazine as one of its “100 Best Companies to Work For.” Ankrom Mosian’s design was inspired by the understanding that overall wellness can only be achieved when seniors’ social and emotional needs are met in addition to their physical ones. With this philosophy in mind, Ankrom Moisan helped the Jewish Home translate their vision into a campus design that promotes life-long learning, engagement with nature, and independence. The design ensures that wherever residents are on the campus – on a stroll, enjoying a meal, or in their rooms – they will never be far from experiencing nature’s rhythms.

During construction, Conco anticipates placing 19,000 cubic yards of concrete as well as providing shotcrete services. The new building is slated to recombine existing landscape areas into a series of three large parks that will revitalize the community and set the stage for a resort-like experience for residents. The project also includes a new auditorium, fitness areas, and art and library spaces.

Conco is one of the foremost suppliers of concrete services for the Western U.S. We got our start in 1959 in the Bay Area by offering clients the best value on a broad range of concrete services and products.  Since that time, we have taken a leading role as top concrete contractors in the region. We have regional offices serving California, Oregon, Nevada, Colorado and Washington.


Jewish Home-The Conco Companies
Jewish Home-The Conco Companies
Jewish Home-The Conco Companies (2)
Jewish Home-18-08-31-The Conco Companies
Jewish Home-18-08-31-The Conco Companies (3)
Jewish Home-18-08-31-The Conco Companies (2)


September 25, 2018by The Conco Companies

Conco is providing end-to-end concrete services for the Mission Park Marketplace which includes concrete pumping, formwork, reinforcement, and finishing. The 23,000 sq. ft. project features a new hotel, Element Santa Clara by Westin, which Conco is constructing. The Mission Park Marketplace hotel will be one of a series that realizes the vision of Westin’s new Element brand, which is set to transform the extended stay hospitality segment with a bright, modern design ready to service the Bay Area’s growing hospitality market.

With its sophisticated rooms featuring the modern designs of an urban residence and its open multipurpose spaces, Element is focused on smart, environmentally friendly services and design throughout the hotel. Their eco-conscious practices and focus on an innovative guest experience are reflected in spacious guest rooms with fully equipped kitchens, spa-inspired bathrooms, and other amenities. Element aims to be a smarter, better place to stay for today’s family and business travelers. The Element Santa Clara will have 175 guestrooms, as well as 2,100 sq. ft. of meeting and event space, a 24/7 business and fitness center, heated outdoor pool and whirlpool, and conference suites available for small meetings. The hotel will also feature daily complimentary breakfast, relaxed evening social hours three times a week, and a bar overlooking the pool and deck.

The Mission Park Marketplace, centered in the heart of the Golden Triangle area in Santa Clara, is under construction and expected to be finished late summer 2018. During the construction of the Element hotel, Conco expects to place around 3,000 cubic yards of concrete as well as shotcrete. The architect, AXIS/GFA Architecture + Design, is a top-tier architecture firm that also designed the Element Hotel in Anaheim. The site is being landscaped by SMITH + SMITH landscape architects who aim to design of the hotel in harmony with the surrounding site.

Conco is one of the foremost suppliers of concrete services for the Western U.S. We got our start in 1959 in the Bay Area by offering clients the best value on a broad range of concrete services and products.  Since that time, we have taken a leading role as top concrete contractors in the region. We have regional offices serving California, Oregon, Nevada, Colorado and Washington.



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